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Registration Agreement and Terms of Use INTERNATIONAL-BEAT.COM

Many thanks for your concern to INTERNATIONAL-BEAT.COM earlier you become a certified producer and selling and buying beats at INTERNATIONAL-BEAT.COM you must concur to below terms. If you are not comprehend any section of our agreement then please contact us: MAIL@INTERNATIONAL-BEAT.COM

If you have enrolled to our website INTERNATIONAL-BEAT.COM, you have concurred to the terms as well as privacy policies of INTERNATIONAL-BEAT.COM, constitutionally connecting for both parties.


Certifies participation in Beat Battle to users of at least 18 years of age. This site is first international site for selling bit. We afford to the "producer" (who composed and wrote the beat or create a less operative beat available for download), 100% free sale of beats all over the world in 14 languages - Purchasing beats at INTERNATIONAL-BEAT.COM, the purchaser has the full authority to access this product like an independent musical work or bit of a new musical work. When you purchase a beat under the Exclusive parameter, this beat is detached from sale on the site forever. For additional agreements on the excellent access of music production interact to the producer of the beat, will accept the producer’s contact details when purchasing or visit his profile URL: INTERNATIONAL-BEAT.COM/PRODUCER. - INTERNATIONAL-BEAT.COM afford a chance to take your musical works on international level, for this you only require to register Beats are uploaded on INTERNATIONAL-BEAT.COM, through special menu items.


For appropriate payment of beats sales, you must certify correctly and enter you’re billing data. Payments are made monthly in concurrence with the payment schedule.


Producers of INTERNATIONAL-BEAT.COM are capable to upload and settle the prices of their beats while, based on their profile producers have the authority to download an assured number of beats. - Producer of INTERNATIONAL-BEAT.COM, that downloaded beats supply the rights of use to buyers - citizen of any country in the world. When somebody buys a beat at another currency, the producer gets paid at the rate of exchange of INTERNATIONAL-BEAT.COM at the time of sale. - INTERNATIONAL-BEAT.COM secures beats of producers by recording Voice Tag to beats; the producer has no right to pump beats with his Voice Tag or other protection.


The buyer has the right to access LEASED beats for benefit on 1 commercial release. The beat cannot be resold by the buyer. The producer still owns the beat.

Other conditions

One account for each person.