About Buying Beats

How To Buy Beats

Click the button "Buy now" next to the beats you want to purchase. On the Beats Verification window (my cart), verify the information for your order and press "Check Out" button. You will then be redirected to Paypal for payment. You can pay with your PayPal® account or use your Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express card. You will instantly receive an email with the link to your download. (Be sure to check your bulk/spam mail box as it may go there sometimes)
This link is available within 30 days of the date of your purchase

Do I Need To Register To Purchase Beats?

No! To purchase, you do not need to register on the site! Just click "buy" and after payment confirmation your download link(s) will be generated.

What Permits Does The Buyer Receive With Purchased Beats?

Under the terms of the site, the producer gives you a license to use the purchased Beats in your albums, concerts, mixes, movies, TV, DVD or any other media products but only once. If Beat has the "exclusive" parameter, then the buyer receives an exclusive right to use the Beat and this Beat will be withdrawn from the market forever. For further questions regarding copyright contact the producer. After using the Beat, the buyer must contact the producer for further arrangements. In any case, in case of sales of more than 2000 copies of media products with purchased Beats.

Beats licenses

When looking for a license, it is important to first understand the fact that it is always granted or offered by a party usually the licensor to another party for this case the licensee and this license always acts as a part of contract between these two parties. With fantastic beats licenses, there are so many things you as the purchaser you are meant to benefit from them. Actually, the licenses give you the legal or official permission to carry out itemized activities. I order to clearly understand what beats licenses all entail, more details are provided below about the various kinds of these licenses.

Non Exclusive basic rights license

- Non exclusive basic license : 1 commercial usage , 2000 albums distributions ,1 tv/radio advertising and 1 local shows and concert

- Non-exclusive Beats may be sold unlimited times by the producer , To many purchasers this kind of the license is one of the best in term of the favorable cost it always offers to them. With this license, you will always have some advantages which include album distribution amounting to 2,000 for-profit copies and unlimited copies that are not meant for profit. Apart from this, you will also enjoy a one station rotation when it comes to radio play which comes with reasonable performance earnings amounting to two thousand dollars plus video synchronization to mention but a few

Exclusive rights license

- Exclusive rights license : NO LIMIT for commercial usage , albums distributions , tv/radio advertising and national , international shows and concert

- Exclusive Beats may be sold to only one person This is the ultimate choice of all these beats licenses. Actually, with this kind of license you will enjoy unlimited services just like the name exclusive suggests. Unlimited distributions , unlimited synchronization rights and unlimited performance are the benefits you will always enjoy from this kind of product to mention but a few. When purchasing this license, it is important to always remember that it can be sold to only one buyer. Having known all these details about these lucrative licenses for your commercial/television shows, radio shows, software applications, movies, video gaming and various website, it is important to always try and have one especially when running a similar business.